Bourbon Tours Are Our Specialty!

Ken Tucky Tours is a family touring business owned and operated by Ken & Suzie Orwick, both born and raised here and proud to call Kentucky’s Bluegrass home.

Ken was a Bourbon salesman for 27 years. His father managed Glenmore Distillery warehouses while his grandfather had an intimate knowledge of bootlegging during The Prohibition, all of which leads to some colorful stories that Ken loves to share on his tours of Bourbon Country.

Ken was also a Tour Guide for the Kentucky Derby Museum and his tours were always packed full of facts, figures and fun with an emphasis on FUN. He loves those horses and prides himself on Derby trivia.

Join Ken and crew as we present the Ultimate Bourbon Experience and The Bluegrass The Way It’s Meant To Be Seen.

Because we are a tour company focused on Kentucky bourbon, we decided to share with you some of our best guided bus and SUV tours that showcase both premiere and artisan distilleries on and along The Bourbon Trail. Each distillery has its own history that reflects the beginnings of our country and Kentucky in particular

Our Bourbon Tours are sure to satisfy anyone who loves regional history and genuine aged Bourbon. The distilling process begins with charring new oak barrels, adding secret mash recipes, running the spirits through unique copper stills, careful aging, bottling and, of course, choosing your favorite tastes and brand(s). We have it all!

Got a special event or a favorite group that you want to celebrate with? Give us a call and let Ken Tucky Tours Customize a Tour that meets your needs and desires.

Visit our website at: to select a Bourbon or Bluegrass Tour of your choice or just call us at: 502-791-2475. We’d love to hear from you.

Ken Tucky Tours plans to support our Veterans in various ways. WeUS_flag_48_stars.svg encourage others to do the same.

Thank you and we invite you to join our family having FUN.

Ken and Suzie